Dr. Evan M. Frangou - MD FRCSC
IT Director, VINF Director of Island Medical Program and Resident Education, Island Health Clinical Faculty UBC and University Victoria
Born in Saskatchewan, he completed his undergraduate, graduate, and neurosurgical training at the University of Saskatchewan. Dr. Frangou subsequently completed the first ever VINF fellowship obtaining subspecialty training in minimally invasive surgical approaches to the spine and complex adult spinal deformity reconstruction. Dr. Frangou now serves as the Island Health Division of Neurosurgery representative in matters of information technology advancement. He similarly guides VINF decision making regarding advanced neurosurgical technology. He also serves as our director of medical student and resident education. Currently, he focuses his practice on general neurosurgery, minimally invasive spine surgery and complex spine surgery.

Contact Dr. Evan M. Frangou

100-1830 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC, V8R 6R2
Phone - 778.265.6677
Fax - 778.440.6677